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Rep. Judy Chu presenting the Congressional Leadership Award for 2023 as Non-Profit of the Year.

"Alison Kalmus's strong theatrical instinct, musicality, attention to detail, plus a lifetime of experience, make her one of the most sought-after directors and teachers in the Southland." 

Suzanna Guzmán

Los Angeles Opera, Grammy nominee, host of KCET Open Call, AEA, SAGAFTRA, AGMA for almost 30 years




“No acting training from any institution, including Orange County School of the Arts and Oklahoma City University, compares to what Alison taught me. She is the perfect balance of teacher and theater director. She always saw the potential in me (as in all of her students), pushing us past what we thought were our limits until we came to total freedom in the work.”

Elise Vannerson

Beautiful The Carole King Musical (u/s Carole, Genie) 2018 North American National Tour 

Daddy Long Legs  -   (Lead Jerusha) Directed by Michael Mastro, George Street Playhouse, New Jersey 

Snapshots  –  (Lead Susie) Directed by the composer, Stephen Schwartz, NoHo Arts Center

Lovelace: A Rock Opera  -   (Lead Lindsey)  U.K. Premier Edinburgh Festival 




"Mrs. Kalmus has had a significant impact on my development as a theater performer but most importantly, as a person.  She has become not only a well-respected mentor but also a lifelong friend. Under her patient guidance, Mrs. Kalmus has given me the opportunity to be a part of something truly great, and especially to appreciate the art and craft of acting.  Her teaching and personal work shows respect for all her students and contributes to their understanding that “the show must go on” not only on stage but in preparation for life. Taking these lesson to heart with so much of what Mrs. Kalmus taught me, has helped me in so many areas of my life."

James Shechet

Seven-year AKT Student and Advanced Repertory Performance member

USC The School of Cinematic Arts and the Marshall School of Business joint B.S. program

"My daughter Sophie has had the opportunity to participate in both the Spring and Summer AKT Academies at the Sierra Madre Playhouse. She had a truly fun, positive and productive experience in each Academy and is excited to jump on board for the Fall session. Alison Kalmus, the Director of the program seems to have the amazing ability to blend exemplary teaching, building kids confidence, creating a fun safe environment and bringing about the very best in each participant. 

Thank You Alison. You and your team are doing a tremendous job and providing a great service to kids and their families."

Gary Rapkin Ph.D 

Executive Leadership Consultant

Former Superintendent of Schools



"Really, her first official step into this new passion of hers was her first class with you and she has already learned so much!  I think she is the only "beginner" that made it (School Musical-ed.). I'm very proud of how far she has come in such a short amount of time (especially her confidence and courage)."

​Angela Beddawi 

La Salle H.S. Parent

"I am so glad that my children have gone through the Storytelling course. They are

very happy to attend this class, they also have a lot of self-confidence now!! Mrs. K

is very funny but also have tons of experience, the children find interest of reading

books now, and they learn how to appreciate the story and be moved. Before, my

son loved to talk but has no order; now he speaks in a more measured tone. Mrs K

also strengthened my daughter's ability to express herself, now she is more confident

and can loudly express herself. Please continue to help me sign up to the kids, we

really hope with your professional help, they can achieve better results!"

Heartfelt thanks from Eric and Angela's mom



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